Who is Jōviky?

Los Angeles based recording artist, Jōviky is truly on his way to becoming a master of his craft. A journey thoroughly documented by his increasingly ambitious and successful musical left turns since he began releasing music in 2020. Jōviky is an artist, songwriter and producer, who blends elements of folk, alternative hip hop, slowcore, spoken word, and dark pop to craft his own fiercely unique style of music. Instilling his songs with his renowned storytelling lyricism, he provides layered perspectives and relatable, reflective thoughts that have seen his music resonate with an ever growing global fanbase.

Jōviky is the alter ego of multi-hyphenate creative, Steven J. Butler who is also known for his creative works in the mediums of dance, choreography, film and visual art. Steven’s work expands across multiple disciplines, as he is a frequent collaborator on multi-media, film and screen dance projects. He has also received recognition for his writing, directing, and producing from Slamdance, The Addy Awards, Los Angeles Dance Film Festival, Standard Vision and the Academy of Television & Sciences Blue Ribbon Panel. In addition to his music and creative work, Steven is a 2018 TEDx Speaker.

Overall Jōviky’s art practice is heavily rooted in appreciating the subtle and magical moments in life that often go unnoticed and using music, art and creativity to share these poetic observations with the world.